Chartbook Maker

Chartbook Maker 1.7.0

Creates nautical charts to be printed on a regular printer

Chartbook Maker is a software program that allows you to use a regular printer to print nautical charts. The format is similar to regular street maps and full resolution is used.

The program can read BOAA BSB format charts and is able to create a booklet with an index and page numbers. Chartbook Maker is very useful when you need a nautical chart that can fit in a small space.

With this program, no computers are needed since you have all the information on regular paper. There is no need to have a plotter to be able to print the charts.

The chart booklet is also very useful when you need to take notes. You can write down the notes in the booklet instead of on real full size charts.

Chartbook Maker is also an excellent replacement of any software you might have that isn't doing the job properly. The nautical chart book created by this software is remarkable to keep control of route planning on the spot.